Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review- Angel Fire by L.A.Weatherly

Angel Fire by L.A. Weatherly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Summary:  Only Willow has the power to defeat the malevolent Church of Angels, and they will stop at nothing to destroy her. Willow isn’t alone, though. She has Alex by her side – a trained Angel Killer and her one true love. But nothing can change the fact that Willow’s a half-angel, and when Alex joins forces with a group of AKs, she’s treated with mistrust and suspicion. She’s never felt more alone…until she meets Seb. He’s been searching for Willow his whole life – because Seb is a half-angel too.

 My Review: I loved Angel Fire. Though it was bit too long and seemed slightly stretched at times, the story was ah-mazing! I loved the characters, I loved the writing-style and I even liked the love-triangle! We got to know a lot more about Willow and Alex in this book, and the new, utterly swoon-worthy character Seb just renewed my interest in the series.

I actually liked Angel Fire a lot more than I'd liked Angel. Even though both the books were pretty slow at times, the action-packed scenes and the absolutely amazing character build-up in Angel Fire definitely made up for it.

I really, really liked Willow even though she was slightly different from the kind of female protagonists I like in my books. She was soft, caring, sweet and at the same time kicked-ass when she had to, though not for herself, but for the people she loved. Yep, self-less was another characteristic I liked in her :) She wasn't dumb or totally dependent on her strong, almost-perfect boyfriend. She could actually look after herself and knew when to take a stand of her own.

Alex was just as awesome as ever. He had his own moments when he seriously started doubting his relationship with Willow and I think that would've been annoying if he didn't have a pretty good reason for it. Still, the way Alex and Willow loved each other was incredibly sweet and I loved the way L.A.Weatherly wrote it.

Seb was one of the new characters introduced in this book (there were maaaaaany new characters) He was understanding, nice, and basically had almost all the characteristics of the guy in the love triangle whose not gonna be chosen

Even though I really liked this book, I feel that it could have been written in less than 706 pages. Other than that, I would say I found this book absolutely flawless. :D


  1. I've read Angel (and I loved it), and was always wondering whether this was just as good or not. I did pick it up once but didn't read it. It's so, so long! I mean, it's fine for it to be long but by the summary it doesn't seem that there is so much of a plot that it needs to be 700 PAGES long!

    Anyway, great review :)

  2. I knowwww! It was just so damn long..and I really felt that it could have been written in less than 700 freaking pages. But still, I found it to be better than Angel :D


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