Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy valentine's day!!

Helloooooo my awesome fellow readers,

Happy valentine's day! Hope you had a wonderful day today and actually celebrated it instead of sitting at home studying for a test tomorrow in your school. I swear mine is jumping with unconditional glee for ruining the V-day for all of its students. I mean seriously, who keeps an important exam right AFTER v-day? -.-

Huh. Anyway, just in case you people were thinking, yes I have another announcement to make. Due to my final exams approaching () I gotta stop writing reviews for some time and actually study for a change. BUT, this doesn't mean I'm totally leaving my beloved blog and you all. I'll still be posting some wonderful giveaways and notifying you about some amazing YA books-to-come! On top of it, as soon as my exams get over (which will be on 24th March) I'll be finally posting my promised 100+ mega giveaway with some of the awesome-estestestestest YA books so far up for takes! So till then, buh-byeeeeeee! /(^_^)\

That said, I would like to end this post by showing you some of the funniest pics on the net for V-day, I've seen

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