Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My review for Not That Kind Of Girl by Siobhan Vivian

This one was a quick, fluffy read. Even though I usually dislike books where the female protagonist keeps making silly mistakes and getting into messy situations again and again, I could sometimes understand Natalie and her reasons for being a little stupid. :P

The following review has some spoilers so proceed at your own risk

So basically, the story is about Natalie who's a perfect daughter, student, leader and (according to her) a perfect best friend who thinks she is very much in control of her life and knows who she is and what she wants.
However, pretty quickly, things start going downhill in her life when her best friend actually starts standing up for herself and stops agreeing to her opinions and becomes more social. Natalie herself had very little friends courtesy of her closed-off and proud nature, so needless to say she starts getting worried as she doesn't wants share her best friend with anybody but then Amelia, her best friend gets tired of her prissy attitude and leaves her. Since her life was quickly becoming far from perfect, she needed something (or someone) to distract herself from all this mess and then comes Connor. Hot, confident, sweet and totally, totally lovable! Natalie starts this friends-with-benefits sort of thing with him, although you cant really call them friends since they hardly talk publicly.
Then (predictably) because of some silly decisions, the once-perfect girl finds herself the centre of the gossip about her secret late night adventures with Connor. She gets mad, not because of her ruined image, but because she knew how many people she had disappointed who used to believe in her. Finally, she realizes that no matter how much she convinced herself otherwise, she had to accept herself sometime and stop hiding. She accepts the facts that she had been a crappy bestfriend, was in love with Connor, was far from perfect and definitely "That Kind Of Girl".

Personally, I found Natalie reallyyyyy egoistic and confused and nice at the same time. Many a times I found myself rolling my eyes or face-palming myself because of her stupid-ness but the way the author wrote this story made me really, really like it. Natalie might have been too much of a feminist at times but she was caring and soft too. One moment I was pulling at my hair for being so rude to Connor (whom I've fallen in love with) and in another moment I could hug her for being so sweet to people she cared so much about. There were so many funny parts where I laughed out loud (and recieved "are-you-crazy?" looks from other people in the library) and then there was the emotional last part where Natalie and Amelia reconcile where I nearly cried even though many people wouldn't really find it that emotional. But what can I say? Forgiveness and reconciling best friends always fill my heart with a little too much joy.. :P
Spencer was my favourite character in the story. She was a freshman who Natalie used to babysit was she was little. Spencer was smart, confident and knew what she wanted from the beginning. Even though most of the time she pretended to be a little too grown-up for someone her age,I admired her leadership qualities and sunny nature. At times she made much more sense than Natalie which I think made the story even more interesting.
Anyway, overall I liked this book but I would've liked it even more if Natalie had made fewer mistakes and was a little less egoistic and was nicer to Connor who was there by her side no matter what. I liked the ending and the way finally things turned out for Natalie and everyone around her. :D


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