Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review for Starfire Angels by Melanie Nilles

Sigh There was just so much potential in this story! The idea that angels might be some other creatures from another planet, in short "aliens", was something new to read for me and really innovative. The Shirukans(the bad guys) fighting with Inaris (Angels) for Starfire (as it would give them power) seemed believable.
If only the characters were just as amazing as the concept...

I get that Raea didn't want to think of herself as an angel and how pressurized she must be feeling when all of a sudden, such a big responsibility was loaded on her. But her whining about it most of the time was not at all fun to read. And the stupid decisions she made, made her look like a spoilt 9 year old craving for some attention.
It was the typical, girl chooses bad guy over the good guy, the good guy tries to warn her and in return she slaps him and then when everything goes haywire (BECAUSE OF HER STUPIDITY) she runs back to the good guy and realizes her mistake and blah blah blah.

"None of this would have happened if she hadn't gone to see Pallin. She should have never let him charm her. "It's all my fault."
And this was my reaction when I read that->

Aside from Raea, I liked all the other characters in this book. Each of them had a different personality and were very realistic.

Overall, I wish there was a little more action, and a little less whining. I'm still contemplating whether to read the next book in the series or not . :-| 

PS- Those who want to read it online can read it here.


  1. I enjoyed Starfire Angels, and I like Broken Wings even more. It continues the story about Raea, the Crystal Keeper of a shard that could become deadly, if put into the wrong hands. And, unfortunately for Raea, the enemies are out to do whatever they have to in order to take that shard.

    1. After reading the sample chapters of Broken Wings, I think it's gonna be better than Starfire Angels. Besides, the average rating for this book on Goodreads is amazing. So, yeah I think I'll give Broken Wings a try. :D
      PS- I did enjoy Starfire Angels. Melanie Nilles' writing style is impressive but whiny, weak female protagonists somehow never really work for me. I wish Raea makes smarter decisions in the next book. :|


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