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ARC Review- The Gatekeeper's Challenge by Eva Pohler

The Gatekeeper's Challenge by Eva Pohler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blurb:  Ten agonizing months have gone by since Therese faced off against her parents’ murderer at Mount Olympus, and she suspects Thanatos’s absence is meant to send her a message: go on with your life. She tries to return Pete’s affections even though her heart aches for the god of death, but when Than shows up to take her hamster’s soul, she becomes infuriated when he says he’s “been busy.” In cahoots with her new friend, who's gotten in with the Demon Druggies at school, Therese takes a drug that simulates a near-death experience, planning to tell Than off so she can have closure and move on, but things go very, very wrong.

Eventually she learns Than has been busy searching for a way to make her a god, and he’s found it, but it requires her to complete a set of impossible challenges designed by Hades, who hopes to see her fail.

An ARC of this book has been provided to me by the author. in exchange for an honest review.

My review: The Gatekeeper's Challenge was an engrossing read. To be honest, after reading the first book, I thought this would turn out to be similar, but it wasn't! The story was quite interesting and had a steady pace from the beginning which I loved.

Therese might just be my favourite character in this book. Not just because the story revolves around her but also because of her sweet and caring nature. She wasn't kick-ass or anything, but still pretty awesome. The way she faced the challenges set by Hades so bravely was really fun to read. At one point when her trust for

Than started wavering, I got really annoyed and expected her to do something overly-stupid. The stupid part was correct but thankfully, she didn't just give up. Instead, she decided to correct her mistake in whatever way she could and that was one reason I won't label her as the dumb, needs-the-guy-to-come-save-her-pretty-ass heroine.

YA mythology is one of my favourite genres in books as well as movies so whenever I read or watch one, I automatically have high expectations from it. After reading the first book in this series, my expectations for this one were a bit low but I'm very glad to say that I did enjoy it. There were still some parts where I hoped that things had turned out differently.

Overall, I'll say that if you've read the first book AND loved it, you would absolutely adore this one too. But for those who didn't like it that much, trust me, this one will surely grab your attention!

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  1. Sounds good...thanks for the review. I probable wouldn't have given the book a chance, so thanks for another book to read.


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