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Review+giveaway: Date with the Dead by Chris Myers

Date with the Dead by Chris Myers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Release date: June 16, 2012

Blurb: Sixteen-year-old Jolie Livingston’s closest and only friend Drew is this really hot dead guy, and it bites that the self-absorbed princesses at school cannot even see him. That’s right she can communicate with the dead. It’s the living she has trouble with. She and her mom inherited this awesome crib in Plymouth, MA. It’s quite a step-up from the homeless shelter in New Orleans, but there’s a catch. They can’t afford the past due mortgage, so Jolie’s working on that.
Jolie starts a ghost hunting business called Ripsters. Somehow she’s managed to recruit Brittany, a glamour SAP smothered in pink, and a techie allergic to ghosts. Brit actually thinks he resembles the R&B singer Chris Brown. All that pink has clouded her vision. They both have special talents Jolie’s hoping will be useful to their venture. Right now, they’re working for a family in need of major therapy due to a dead guy with a hole in his head.
Hayden, a really cute guy, who lost his Wiccan mother, wants to join them, but Jolie’s grandmother warned her about his kind. Not that it matters. Jolie seriously doubts a living guy as hot as Hayden will be interested in a girl cozy with the dead.

An e-copy of this book had been provided ot me in exchange for an honest review.

 Review: Date with the Dead was brilliantly written. It was mysterious, engrossing, and totally fun to read! The story was really nicely developed. It had a mysterious edge to it throughout which I liked. Jolie's POV was very interesting to read since the character itself was intriguing. Chris Myers did a wonderful job at executing this story.

Jolie was a fun girl. I liked her from the beginning because even after the hardships she had been through, she was still strong. Her willingness to help people was heart-warming. I didn't get bored even once while reading this novel mainly because Jolie's POV kept it interesting through and through!

All the other characters were really nicely built-up. In the beginning I kept my suspicions on Hayden for being the villain of the story so I never really got a chance to really appreciate him . Drew however, took all the brownie points from me. He was funny, charming and totally sweet! If a love triangle does happen to happen, I'm all for Team Drew! Even though he's a ghost. Which can be a slight drawback for their love story but still.
Brittany was very fun too. The author gave a very nice message through her. You can't judge who the person really is just on the way they look. Brittany was a superb character. She was quirky and frank. Sort of reminded me of Alona from The Ghost and the Goth, as did some other characters but that's okay. :)

Only a very good author can write a mystery story where the reader keeps on guessing what the suspense is gonna be till the end and still gets it wrong. Hats off to the author for writing that part so well! If you like a YA supernatural book with kick-ass characters and a great mystery, the Date with the Dead is definitely for you. :D

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