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Review for The It Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar

The It Girl (It Girl, #1)The It Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar
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The It Girl starts with Jenny Humphrey (yes, the same one from Gossip Girl) being expelled from her old school, Constance Billard and enrolling in the posh boarding school, Waverly Academy. Jenny is determined to leave her crazy, wild past behind and become a sophisticated, "new Jenny". On reaching there, to her delight, her new room-mates, Callie and Brett are the most popular girls in school.
Callie is a manipulative, smart girl who knows how to get her way with people without ever getting in trouble whereas Brett is the quiet, strong and careful one who knows exactly what she wants.

And thus begins the journey of these three girls, with a lot of cattiness, manipulations, rumours and fun.
In the beginning, I was a little confused since everywhere it was written that Cecily von Ziegesar was the "creator" of this book, but then I got to know that the concept was actually written by some ghostwriter and given to her.

Even though I wasn't that interested in Gossip Girl when I first started reading it, I was pleasantly surprised with this one. The writing style and storyline were somewhat same so I couldn't help but compare both these books. However, Jenny, Brett and Callie kept me entertained throughout the story and where Gossip Girl was good, The It Girl was superb!

I loved the chemistry between Easy and Jenny and how confident Jenny seemed throughout the book. Even in the most embarrassing situations where anybody would want to cower and hide under a table, she held her own and eventually won the ticket inside the "It" group. Her boldness was admirable and will to become the It Girl, fascinating.

Callie, on the other hand, was a totally different character. She was clever and used to everybody listening to her. It was, many a times annoying to see how manipulative and bitchy she could get with her own boyfriend and friends. Sometimes it seemed she cared only about herself. Basically, she was the smaller version of Blair from GG.

I liked Brett, but again the way she treated her boyfriend after she got a crush on the new teacher, Eric Dalton, was sad. She was intelligent and I SO didn't expect how insensitively she broke up with Jonathan. But I get it that she was herself very confused and messed up to do the right thing. The way she supported and helped Jenny was nice.

Overall, the story was good and I think I'll continue the series. Maybe.

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  1. Nice review and this novel seems to have great chemistry and the cover of the novel looks great!

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